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I have explained and showed how to Earn 1M Hay Day Coins in just few weeks, I had showed few method. I used this method whenever I feel I am short of money… No Hack… just playing can really get 1M Coins.

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Hay Day video! Hope y’all are doing great and having an amazing day!

In this video I sell 100 blankets at a time for full price to make 110,000 gold coins! I don’t usually sell blankets as they are so rare to get. I sometimes hire tom to get them or trade them because they are used in town and give a good amount of Xp. Blankets are also the most expensive item in the game and 1 blanket go for 1098 coins so a lot of people transfer coins from one farm to the other by using blankets!

I had hired Tom by using the booster on my baby farm and used him to get me blankets! Blankets go really quick and give you a lot of coins but be careful in making them as they need duck feathers which aren’t easy to get!

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Hay Day Online Hack Click HERE