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There are some new hayday users asked me that how can I get more vouchers in hayday? This is something very new for the beginners and must be worrying about that how can I get more vouchers so I can get more pets as well different yet beautiful decorative items.

But let me tell you that earning vouchers is not difficult at all, you just need to focus on some parts of the game and you can easily get the vouchers and enjoy the new pets and decorations in your farm.

It’s going to help especially mid-level players so how can get the vouchers. There are ways to get vouchers such as :

1. Unlock mines – use mining tools and use it so you can get the ores then purchase the smelters and produce bars in that smelter. You will get the random truck orders If you are very lucky you might also get orders of Bars. By sending away the truck delivery as a reward you will also get vouchers with the XPs and coins.

Likewise, there are some tips will help you get vouchers in the game – check out the full video. Thanks for reading this whole summary.

Happy Farming and have an amazing day!! 🌽🐮🥕

Hay Day Online Hack Click HERE