Hayday Helping Farmers | Earning coins & XP

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In this episode, I’m going to help the other hayday Farmers and going to earn so many XPs with this activity. I also need to complete a derby task which is the last derby task of this derby and hopefully, I can contribute something to my team.

Friend book players are very very helpful because they also help me to complete my boat orders and other things to do in my Farm. I can also earn so many XPs and coins by helping them in their Farms.

There’s also an interesting event going on which is “town visitors”, with this event you are going to earn Extra XPs and town XP which will help you to level up faster in the game.

I really enjoy this kind of events because it helps me to level up fast and also unlock new items with that.

It is also important to be focused on the main machines of the Farm for Sugar mill, Dairy machine, Juice maker, Bakery etc. These machines will help you to get more products and going to help a lot of full fill all the request you get from the visitors.

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OPPO A9 2020

Hayday Game to play :

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